Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rugby Star Stands Up Against Gay Slurs

David Pocock is a rugby star from Australia and my new favourite professional athlete.  He's straight but he didn't put up with gay slurs during a recent match. Multiple team mates told Pocock that a player on the other team was calling them 'faggots' to put them down.  Pocock used to be the captain of Australia's national team and has always been an advocate for the LGBT community.   He brought the offending player's comments to the ref's attention during the game. After the game he stated:
As players, we’ve said the Brumbies aren’t going to tolerate any homophobic slurs, I just made that clear to the referee that it’s unacceptable. You can be the toughest man in the world, but it’s got nothing to do with using that sort of language.

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