Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Justin Bieber Regrets Cutting Off His Breasts?

James David Manning is a lunatic pastor who thinks he can solve all the worlds problems.  Before I tell you his words of wisdom about Justin Bieber, I will highlight that he previously said that Starbucks flavours it's lattes with the semen of Sodomites.  That is an intense statement and I guess he feels like following it up with the fact that he feels Justin is trans.  He believes we need to stand against girls like Justin Bieber from cutting off their breasts once they hit puberty.  They regret it when they reach 20 years of age and wish they never mutilated their flesh.  I don't even have a good response for this.  It's not even funny that he's so crazy.  I honestly think he scares me more than the boogey man.  Look at Justin's Calvin Klein Ad and tell me all about his regrets.

I will chase every sodomite. I will chase every less. I will chase every political leader with the power of God, with the chariots of fire, that these children be not misled by people in congregations and people in business or politics like Obama.

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