Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gay Kiss On Walking Dead Pisses People Off

I don't know if you have watched Walking Dead but if you have you know it's a very gruesome show.  Zombies are constantly tearing apart humans and no one is exempt from being eaten.  Fans love the gruesome aspect of the show but this season it's a gay kiss that finally says the show has gone too far. Characters Aaron and his partner Eric shared a kiss and a ton of the fans went berserk and tweeted disgust about the inclusion of a gay couple. Never mind that the lesbian character Tara has been apart of the cast since season 4, but that's apparently just fine.  A couple fine examples of bigots tweets:
-Last nights Walking Dead was really good except for the whole gay thing. Stop promoting sin to be okay. (really you throw in sin when talking about the Zombie Apocalypse?) 
-Apart from the gay shit, the last episode of The Walking Dead was amazing. (In other words blood and gore is cool, just don't show two dudes in love)

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