Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twins Who Came Out On YouTube Meet Ellen

Austin and Aaron Rhodes video of them coming out to their father has been viewed on YouTube over 15 million times.  Ellen had them on her show and it's inspirational for anyone struggling to come out. Their father Rodney Rhodes, shared his feelings and reactions to his twin sons coming out:
When they called I knew they were crying and I knew something was wrong. As a father you just feel it. What's wrong? I could hear it coming from them, their voices. When they told me, I just felt as though, the only thing that came to me was I love you both. I love you both unconditionally. You're my children. I can't undo being your father and I don't want to. I really feel like now there's a weight off both sides. Now I feel like we can talk about anything, that they can come to me with anything in their lives. I was very proud of my boys.

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