Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chris Rock On Who Had Harder Time Coming Out

Here is Chris Rock's take on who had the harder time coming out between Tim Cook and Michael Sam.  I'm not sure I agree with him but he makes some valid points on asked if it was harder for Tim Cook:
Which I think is actually bigger than the football player. Because the average person in that locker room is in his 20s. And it’s just not a big deal to be around a gay guy — if you’re in your 20s. Whereas Tim Cook is around these corporate guys. That is the epitome of a boys’ club. That is sexist, ­racist — the least inclusive group of people you’re ever going to find. Men who have no problem being called owners. Who actually wants to be called an owner, even if you owned a football team? Just the title owner is just so nasty and disgusting…So Tim Cook came out to those guys. He’s in that club. My God.

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