Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 Year Old Girl Writes To Gay Teacher

After reading this, tell me that children don't learn hatred.  A teacher came out during a class on homophobia and his 9 year old student wrote him this letter:
Dear Mr R, 
Even though you’re gay, I will always treat you the same way as I do now. I still think about you the same way as I used to. You’re a great teacher and these are just some of the word’s (sic) that I would describe you as: great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, awesome and brave.
The reason why I say brave is because you shared a personal secret which was very brave.
You don’t have to feel scared because I know that everone in the class feels the same way as I do.
From A x x
PS. We are all proud of you

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J.Ella said...

This seriously made my heart swell. So much cute in one letter! X